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Pest Control In Tucson? Truly Nolen's Got Nothing On The Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl by Mike in Tucson

Where do you turn for pest control in Tucson, AZ?  Truly Nolen (that's actually the man's name; truly it is) has one of the best known brands in town.  The company has nothing on this fellow, though.

Barn Owl, Tucson AZ by Mike in TucsonThe Great Horned Owl frequents both urban and rural properties in Arizona, snoozing by day, and hunting from a high perch at night.  You'll see them atop telephone poles, sitting on rooftops or perched in Eucalyptus trees in town. 

Rodents - pack rats here in the desert - make up most of the menu for these magnificent night predators in Arizona. 

One owl regularly sits on the finial that tops the flagpole in my front yard, twenty feet off the ground.  He (or she--they look alike) calls "Whoo! Whoo Whoo!"  Out of the night sky comes the return call of another owl, perhaps its mate.

The Great Horned Owl has the distinction of being the only animal that regularly eats skunks.  They also kill and eat other owls, such as this barn owl on the right.

If you're looking for pest control in Tucson, AZ, you might just want to sit outside on a summer night and listen. 

Somewhere on your street, the Great Horned Owl is doing the job for free!


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We went to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum last night and watched a live presentation on raptors of the Arizona Desert.  The owl was sitting on the Docent's leather-gloved hand, and (as always) I happened to have my camera.

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