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Tucson, Arizona: The Old Pueblo

The desert, late in the day during Monsoon season

Tucson, Arizona.  The Old Pueblo.  The volcanic basin that contains the city itself is 30 miles square.  That's a lot of territory.  There aren't too many cities in North America that take up 900 square miles.

I took this monsoon photo this evening at 6:30 p.m., on my way home from work at Sunstreet Mortgage.  Thousands of homes lie between the foreground of the photo above, and the mountains in the background. 

Thousands of homes.  You'd never know it.  The rolling desert with its meandering arroyos seems to swallow them up, leaving the beauty of the landscape to capture your imagination.  It's why the views of the desert and the mountains are spectacular from almost every vantage point.

Doesn't it seem tranquil?  The desert in the foreground, the mountains in the background, and above it all a majestic thunderhead is gathering strength in preparation for this evening's lightning show.

Downtown Tucson late in the day during monsoon season

My route home put me on the Interstate, I-10, and that very same thunderhead became the dramatic background for downtown Tucson.  We don't have a vertical skyline like Dallas, San Francisco or Calgary in Alberta, Canada.  The skyline doesn't compete with the surrounding mountains.

Driving southeast on I-10 at 55 mph in light traffic, I rolled down the window and took several "blind" shots to the east as I made my way past the city.  This one turned out pretty well.

The two photos together illustrate the allure of this beautiful Old Pueblo of the desert southwest

Come visit soon.


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