Tucson By Choice!: October 2007

Countrywide Still Has Power to Move Markets

Here's a short list to put a smile on your face.  Stock markets worldwide rallied on news from Countrywide Financial that the worst is over for them in the subprime mortgage crisis.  Search "Countrywide" on Bloomberg this morning, and the results will touch every corner of the globe.

Among the markets that are up on the news:

  • Asia
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • US futures

Add to that the news that the the risk of buying corporate debt is down in anticipation of the Federal Reserve's Halloween pajama party, and this just might be a good week for those Real Estate agents and loan officers who are hitting the bricks.  Go do some business!  Rates are LOW!

And that's the real estate opinion of this Tucson, Arizona mortgage lender!

Mike in Tucson

Mike Jones (Tucson Mortgage Company, LLC): Loan Officer in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona

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Countrywide Still Has Power to Move Markets
Here's a short list to put a smile on your face. Stock markets worldwide rallied on news from Countrywide Financial that the worst is over for them in the subprime mortgage crisis. Search "Countrywide" on Bloomberg this morning, and the… more
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