Tucson By Choice!: August 2007

Ordinary Stuff--Extraordinary Resource

 Stumped for ideas? 
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Back up a bit.  Kate Bourland's "members only" post got me to thinking about writer's block.  We struggle--she and I--with the desire to post interesting, useful content.

I've found something that works for me.  See if it works for you.

I take a legal pad, and spend five minutes listing things I experienced today.  My blog posts come out of a list of ordinary, mundane stuff:

     * an underwriter conditioned me for something I couldn't get.
     * on my way to my first listing appointment, I drove past a mountain that seems insurmountable.
     * I read about Platial mapping on Inman.
     * A visitor to my BNI chapter had a tatoo that you couldn't miss!
     * Marlene Bridges in California posted an interesting "legacy" article.  It got me thinking.

When I scribble my thoughts on paper, the ideas seem to flow.  It's trying to think of a great idea that stumps me. 

Let me know if this works for you.

One other thing.  The idea for this post came while I was commenting on Kate's blog.  Thoughtful comments are food for the soul and grist for blogging.  Thanks, Kate Bourland!

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Ordinary Stuff--Extraordinary Resource
Stumped for ideas? Here's a 10 cent way to generate $100 content for your blog: Back up a bit. Kate Bourland's "members only" post got me to thinking about writer's block. We struggle--she and I--with the desire to post interesting,… more
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