Tucson By Choice!: October 2008

Golf Fundraiser Honors Amphi Panthers' HS Coach at Tucson's Westin La Paloma Resort

View of the Catalina Mountains from a signature Jack Nicklaus course.#1 Loan Originator in the USA three years running, John Volpe of Nova Home Loans with his High School coach, Vern FriedliVern Friedli coaches winners.  There's no other way to explain it.

That's the coach on the left, honoring Jon Volpe of Nova Home Loans. 

Like many in the room last Friday, Jon played football for Coach Friedli.  If you're in the mortgage business, you'll recognize Jon as the #1 loan originator in the nation three years running.  He's a winner, and he credits his coach.

The room was packed with winners!  At lunch, I had the privelege of sitting next to Mike Bates, bronze medalist (1992 Olympics) in the 200 meter event.  He went on to become an All Pro kick returner in the NFL.  Mike Bates is a winner, and he credits his coach.

I was fortunate to play golf Friday, and to have the honor of meeting Coach Friedli.  (I substituted for another former Amphi ball player--Bill Anastopoulos of Tucson Mortgage Company.)

The Coach's philosophy applies to all walks of life: "You put in the time, you lift the weights, you do the running, you learn the discipline, you're going to be successful. There is no short cut, no magic formula."  What a fantastic Friday!

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