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LOL: Laugh Out Loud, or Lots of Love (bless your heart...)?

When I was a kid, my sister, bless her heart, was always telling me what to do and who to hang out with!  She subscribed to Mark Twain's theory of change: "Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits." (lol)

Bloggers often use "LOL" when commenting.  (I see "bless your heart" less often.)  Both LOL and BYH serve a useful linguisted function--they allow the speaker to opinionate without offending.

Southerners (I hail from SC) can get away with the most outrageous comments by inserting that little magic phrase: "bless 'er heart." 

 I overheard my sister's real estate agent friend comment "That boy is a couple of bottles short of a six-pack, bless 'iz heart, but I love him!  We're looking at ten more houses tomorrow."  (lol)

Which brings me back to blogges using LOL.  Wikipedia cites "LOL." It favors "Laugh Out Loud."  LOL.com has built a business model on Laugh Out Loud jokes.   (Go ahead, click the link.  You want to, don't you?)  But Wikipedia also lists a secondary use:  "Lots of Love," which predates the internet, and seems (to me, at least) to be the preferred usage in comments on Active Rain. 

It's the one I prefer. (lol)

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When I was a kid, my sister, bless her heart, was always telling me what to do and who to hang out with! She subscribed to Mark Twain's theory of change: "Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits. " (lol) Bloggers… more
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