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Painting Mind Pictures for Buyers


Experience colors expectations. 

The listing said "Cozy One Bedroom, Great Privacy, Safe Neighborhood."

The listing agent was a Cactus Wren with impeccable credentials.  She was, after all, the State Bird of Arizona.  She had experience building nests herself, and knew for a fact that this one she had just listed had everything a momma bird might want in a home.

The broker (married to the listing agent) was also a cactus wren, as was a seller.  The listing agent and the seller had chirped long and hard about pricing this particular listing, discussing such issues as size, construction, access and safety.  Both knew that the neighborhood was a little rough, and was frequented by more than a few tough characters.  When they settled on a price and the seller signed the listing, everyone was on the same page.  The agent had high expectations for a quick sale.

The prospective buyers were from out of state, newcomers to Arizona, having just arrived from wintering near the coast of the Sea of Cortez.  The photos had not yet been uploaded to the ALS (Avian Listing Service) but as Momma Hummingbird chirped the listing title to Papa Hummer, is seemed that this new listing would be just perfect. 
Cozy one bedroom, great privacy, safe neighborhood in Tucson, AZ.

They called the listing agent, chirped when they would be in town, and made an appointment to see the listing. 
Based on their experience, this is what they were expecting to find:

Words paint pictures in our minds.  Given exactly the SAME WORDS, your mind-picture will very likely be different than my mind picture.  Selling successfully requires spending time exploring the mind of your potential buyers, because experience colors expectations.

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Painting Mind Pictures for Buyers
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