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The Sky's On Fire

Gates Pass at sunset, a favorite spot in the Tucson Mountains

Sunset at Gates PassLightning storm over the Avra Valley from the vantage point of Gates Pass in the Tucson MountainsSunset this evening found me at one of Tucson's most picturesque spots. 

Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains is a spectacular place, especially at sunset. 

The city lies far below to the east, and to the west, the Avra Valley extends to the horizon.

Stone buildings and walls fit the landscape.  Access is very easy by car, and the parking lot (off Gates Pass Road) is generous.  I've taken some of my favorite photos from this vantage point. 

It's beautiful.  It's quiet, even when people gather at sunset.  The atmosphere is almost one of reverence.  It's a place I frequent when I want to enjoy the solitude of the desert and the magnificence of God's creation.

The monsoon season brings dramatic cloud structures.  Come visit some night soon.  Bring a camera!


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