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Saturday Night Walk In The Desert

Evening hike in the Tucson Mountains

Evening sky with the moon overhead

My Darlin's under the weather, and I've been spending most of the weekend taking care of her. 

She's doing better than she had been, and last night, she suggested I take a hike.  :) 

(She's got an ulterior motive.  I'll blog about it some time this week.  I've got a grid on the fridge to keep track of my walking schedule.  My goal is to walk two miles a day.  I bought my Darlin' a Pandora's bracelet, and for every 100 miles I walk, she gets a charm for the bracelet.  The idea came from our friend Olivia at GlenMar ranch a couple of weeks ago, and it gives me a goal to track.  This was my first week, and Ginny's got 15 miles crossed off on the chart on the fridge.)

Prickly pear is in blossom in the photo above, and at the top left, that's the fruit of the Chain Cholla.

The evening sky with the moon overhead was peaceful, don't you think? 

For those of you who know Ginny and have emailed us through Active Rain, please know how much we appreciate your prayers in her behalf!


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